Do you wish to experience distinction and authority through your jewelry? Well, you have come to the right place. Avellinno’s salt and pepper diamonds add class to your collection. They give out an aesthetic white and black look which is perfect for any occasion. Salt and Pepper textured diamonds have inclusions that look black and white where no two diamonds are alike. Their inclusions make them stand out from other diamonds. To make them, very few resources are used, which puts them in an eco-friendly category. Moreover, they are very popular and budget-friendly diamonds making them a perfect choice for engagement rings or gifts. Traditionally, they have been considered an inferior diamond but today people understand its aesthetics. Our customers have loved them too! This stone gives out a strong appeal of elegance in the classic cuts like cushion and oval. We have for you, salt and pepper diamonds in round shape, rose-cut shape, emerald cut, and in many more cuts to fulfill your desires. Salt and Pepper diamond engagement rings are perfect for Boho and Fashionable brides. Additionally, for every kind of bride, we customize. From a casual day to a traditional day, the mysterious and unique look of Avellinno’s diamond is perfect for you. This diamond can be molded, according to your choice, into various aesthetic shapes. Fancy shapes salt and pepper diamonds and Kite shape salt and pepper diamonds have always kept our customers in content. Your investment will be worth it.